52 Week Challenge

Join us for the 52 week savings challenge. Each week a new challenge will be added to this page. They are small, simple tasks that can be completed without a lot of effort although they will have big rewards when putting your money to work for you.

Your finances are not just about budgeting. Your finances impact all facets of your life to include your mental health, physical health, and your well being. This is true in the reverse as well. If your life is a mess, it will be harder to get your finances in order.

What does that mean for our challenge? You may see one of these challenges and think, “well, how does that relate to my finances?” Well, it may not directly relate. Unless you find $20 while cleaning out your junk drawer, it probably won’t have a huge impact on your budget, but each challenge will help you conquer at least one facet of your life.

As we step through these challenges, allow yourself to think about the impact it has in your life. Sure, all you did was clean out the junk drawer, but now every time you need the can opener, you won’t get mad because you can’t open that drawer. That’s one small piece of peace (pun intended).

Throughout this challenge, allow those moments of peace to combine. These will grow to create larger moments of peace and will allow other parts of your life to balance. Once your life has a better balance, it’s easier to tackle larger items like your finances. It’ll be easier to find that Aha moment where it all makes sense and falls into place.

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